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Quality Servicing on ALL Makes & Models at your Local, Trusted Garage.

Penketh Autobody carry out a range of trusted mechanical & diagnostic services for all makes & models at our garage, located close to Warrington town centre.  Our customers tell us that we are fast, fair & affordable, which makes us incredibly proud. 

All of our work is fully guaranteed, competitively priced and carried out by fully trained and experienced technicians with over 30 years mechanical expertise.  We will service your car according to the manufacturer's service schedule, using genuine parts compliant to their guidelines, with all of the work completed by qualified and fully trained technicians.

We are completely upfront with all costs and aim to keep you as a customer for life! Auto Body Fact: We have over 3,200 regular loyal customers. - We must be doing something right!

Penketh AutoBody pride ourselves on innovation and having the right tools for the job, in-house.  We use state of the art equipment which can save our customers hundreds of pounds in repairs. - Which we are proud to show off!

Upgrade to Fully Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils are manufactured to provide consistent, superior performance. They are an essential requirement for many modern engines.

Protect your engine across a far wider range of temperatures - up to an engine's maximum temperature and beyond.

They do not have the impurities found in mineral oils or degrade as quickly, and they are thinner, helping to improve fuel efficiency.

Interim Service

What is it? A 49 point service which covers your motor for 6 months.

The Penketh Auto Body 49 point interim service is designed for the high mileage car user (regularly exceeding 2000 miles a month), or vehicles which require frequent checks.

Our experienced & qualified technicians will test all of the main moving parts that may need attention over a short period of time.  

We recommend our customers booking in for an interim service every six months to prevent any unforeseen faults with your car.

Full Service

What is it? A 76 point service which covers your motor for 12 months.


Book a Full Service at Penketh Auto Body and benefit from comprehensive car servicing and the reassuring expertise of our highly trained technicians.

Our in-house technicians can service any make and model of car, and we only use high-quality, original specification parts as standard. Plus, all work is fully guaranteed as standard for complete peace of mind.

We recommend you book a Full Service once every year to keep your car ticking over nicely.

Winter Health Check Inspection

What is it? A 23 point service which ensures your motor is safe & sound for the winter period.

Winter requires the most care and preparation to ensure you and your family stay safe on the roads. Breakdowns are more common and potentially more dangerous during the winter months than at any other time of the year.

It is important to be prepared for the cold spells and difficult road conditions that can arise, especially when snow and ice are about.

''We invest heavily in our garage and our staff, providing our customers with state of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable in-house mechanics.  This always drives the cost down for our customers - which is why they always come back!''

- Mike Dakin, Dirctor - Penketh Auto Body

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